We all have invisible patterns formed in our childhood that shape our perceptions of the world. Unconsciously, they form our understanding of ourselves, of life, of our relationships and of what we believe is possible. Through working with thousands of people, I’ve observed that these patterns are only ripples of a much deeper challenge held far below the surface of our conscious mind.

By shining a light on some of the hardest to reach corners of the psyche – the ones that hold you back, curb your joy and interfere with your success – you access true freedom. Once you can get to the root of what’s not working for you, you are then free to live more fully doing what inspires and matters to you most.

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Woman Who Makes Things Happen Interview with AnYes


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Do You Give Too Much?      

What if you had insights into your earliest experiences in life, to give you clues for why you need what you do in your relationships?  What the body remembers leaves clues for the challenges we face today. Lauren came into my office wanting to explore what h...

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  • “The optimization of human potential is served by family constellation work, particularly when the work is masterfully facilitated by Johanna Lynn. She stays focussed on the energy in the room until its most relevant truths are revealed. The results are transformative.”


  • My experience of the soul tribe session with Johanna provided a profound turning point for me. Where I once sought to support all people, providing everyone access to my offerings and taking on work simply for cash, I quickly saw how draining that was. Johanna’s sharp insight and ability to draw out key aspects of what my deeper essence was calling for, gave me the courage I needed to immediately step away from everything that did not feed me in all areas. Immediately. My energy returned and I began experiencing a deeper empowerment with my work as I entered into a period of trust and grace while the shifting took place. I soon began connecting directly with the ones I longed to work with and who were simultaneously hungry for what I had to share.


  • Compared to previous flights where fear distracted me, after our session, I was completely relaxed 95% of the time.
    When we arrived, I couldn’t believe that the same city that had frightened me so much just few years ago was the same city I now truly like and appreciate, because I managed to see it through the eyes of a curious tourist and not those of a scared person. I wanted to thank you from the deepest part of my heart for your great help and support. I am sending you my deepest gratitude for your great help.



  • Johanna asked me questions that were different from anyone else that I ever worked with – uncovering many of my ‘blind spots’ that had been keeping me frustrated and struggling for years. We worked together for 6 months and not only did I surpass my income goals, the work we did together impacted my most important relationships, my health, my sleep, my self-care have all been transformed with the work we did together.


  • When a neurologist recommended that I take life-long medication as a possible cure to solve a sleep disorder (Sleepwalking) that I’ve always had, I decided to book a session with Johanna. After just two relaxing sessions, I no longer sleepwalk. From sleepwalking every night to sound, restful sleep, I consider that a big improvement in my life!