How The Stories in Your Family Affect Your Love Life

“He walks through life as if he’s under a black cloud. When he comes home from work, the whole house feels heavier.  And I can never get him to spend any money on anything besides essentials.” Monica’s list of complaints about the man with whom she shares her life – and 5 children – is far from unique. We hear these types of grievances between couples all the time. Which begs the question: Despite breakthroughs in psychological science and major advances in the field of couples’ therapy, why do marriages continue to fall apart? Have you ever wondered why you and your partner come up against the same issues again and again, no matter how much work you put into … [Read more]

Escape the Stress that Runs in the Background

She woke up feeling hazy with a lingering flash of hope that it had all been a dream …  when all the ugly details came flooding in – the hurtful things he had said, what that triggered in her and her infuriated responses to it all.  Its as if they each stepped into their “roles”.  He become sullen, withdrawing into himself.  She got busy with tasks like finishing up what was left undone in the kitchen or folding the never ending pile of laundry.  Nothing really getting resolved, as another day begins tomorrow. She had grown tired of the same ‘conversation’ while noticing just a few days later all the issues had just slid back into place.  The next morning she … [Read more]

Your Life Leaves Clues

I met Heather at a time when she felt unappreciated at work and most of time felt that her boss favoured her colleagues and ignored her. From the water cooler to the lunchroom to her office she spent most of the day feeling left out out the loop. Her work environment was beginning to feel unbearable. The emotional toll this took on Heather, didn’t leave her with much confidence to either apply for another job or finally follow her dream of studying nutrition and building a business around educating others about the healing powers of whole foods and creating a healthy lifestyle. She attended one of my workshops and as the day went on, she shared with me how completely … [Read more]

World Peace … One Family at a Time

You can’t turn on the News without questioning what is happening here?  How can people treat each other this way?  Even if you intentionally avoid the News, you still catch glimpses of current events on a radio blurb or something your scroll by on social media or even a friend feeling so overwhelmed about the injustices and spills all the details over to you.   Where does all of this violence originate? I believe within our 1st environment of the family. The individual is shaped by how they are loved and cared for within their family.  The family is influenced by the culture, the culture relates with other cultures and too often we let our differences get the better of … [Read more]

The Secrets of Fertility Over 35

She sat down in my office as if the weight of the world was on her shoulders. In a quiet tone of voice, she began our session “we’ve been trying for almost 6 years now. I don’t know how much I’ve got left to keep going.  Our marriage is strained, our financial reserves depleted and I feel so angry with my body, it feels like it keeps letting me down. At the same time I can’t stop myself from hoping to find a way to have a healthy pregnancy and hold this baby I’ve been dreaming about for all these years.” Over the years of supporting women between 35 and 48 years of age on their fertility journey what I’ve … [Read more]

The Power of Our Inner Images

The images we hold inside guide our lives. If we have the image of feeling like we belong, we feel safe and loved ~ its as though life supports our expectations.  Alternatively, if we hold inner images of loss, regret, anger or blame, these emotions tend to become a common theme throughout life. The work we do together supports you in creating a new intrinsic images that can help to chart a new course in life.  Once your inner image transforms, something outside of your patterned ways of being can emerge. Imagine the ability to clear core emotions, that keep those same patterns in life reoccurring. Often when we recall our childhood, we hold images that are not healing.  We may tell others or repeatedly … [Read more]

The Family Inheritance

What images come to mind when you hear the words Family Inheritance? You may imagine loved ones gathered together to hear the reading of a will. Yet our family inheritance is something that we are born with instead of something we wait to receive when someone in our family dies. We are shaped by the experiences of our parents, grandparents and even our great grandparents much more than perhaps you ever imagined. The family story is our story, it’s alive within us. Our family is the greatest pattern maker in our lives. The emerging science of epigenetics helps to explain why we may think – “this is just my life, full of struggle or financial hardship” We may say to ourselves … [Read more]

Our Children’s Roots

A troubled mother called my office one day wanting to know if I could help her anxious teenage son.  Her primary complaint was that he recently quit school, stayed in his room playing video games all day and wasn’t engaged in looking for a part-time job.  With a pronounced sigh, she shared that she can’t get him to wake up in the mornings and finds he just lumps around all day. She was sure that he must be depressed.  Like any mother who wants the best for her son, she was seeking support. She sounded a bit surprised, when I suggested our first appointment be with her and her husband.  I simply explained how essential it is to understand the … [Read more]

Do You Give Too Much?      

What if you had insights into your earliest experiences in life, to give you clues for why you need what you do in your relationships?  What the body remembers leaves clues for the challenges we face today. Lauren came into my office wanting to explore what had contributed to the end of her 10 year marriage.  Still reeling from her husband’s announcement that he was leaving her for the “other woman”.  Her greatest fear had come to light.  She was alone.  What was worse, alone at night, scared, vulnerable and most of all angry. As we worked together, I invited her to explore the inner territory of the sensations that lived in her body.  This opened up new insights about … [Read more]

How to Know if IT Will Work Before Your Heart Takes the Leap

What if in the very early stages of connecting with someone you are attracted to, you could find out the chances of that relationship succeeding?  Before you get too invested.  Before you get your heart broken … again. Once you can discover what guides you at the unconscious level and what shapes who you are attracted to, you then have a much better chance of avoiding painful patterns or pitfalls en route to getting the love you want. Would you be surprised to discover that how you show up in your relationships is partly from your own experiences, but mostly from the experiences of your parents and grandparents? What lives in your family tree influences more than you may have … [Read more]