“From the depths of my heart, I want to thank you for yesterday‘s incredible session. I am absolutely grateful for the work that you did with me, to bring me to a place I’ve been trying to get to for 30 years.”  

~ Pam

“I’m kind of speechless. I attended Johanna Lynn’s workshop and have come home seeing my family relationships like never before. I’ve had a lot of therapy and have tried many forms of healing in my life, but I don’t ever remember coming away with such an intense feeling of personal healing, understanding – and love. Thank you Johanna.

~ Dianne Marsh

“I just want to take a moment to thank you. Your workshop, Saturday afternoon was in many ways incredible, inspirational, and life changing. I could go on about the effects of your work but I will keep it short. A man of many frustrating relationships, you have given me many of the unanswered questions that I have been left with over the years, and the closure that I have never gotten. Most importantly you helped me understand my family dynamic that I have spent hours upon hours and too much energy on trying to understand. Having a better idea now, of my relationship with my mother has left me refreshed, given me a better understanding of myself, better equipped and certainly more confident entering into future relationships. Thank you.”


Johanna, I thank you SO MUCH!!! As I am writing this,  I shed tears of gratitude.  My relationship with Paul is completely transformed and we are both happy together again.  Where there was power struggle, there is now teamwork and cooperation; where there was blame and resentment, there is now respect. Before, I made plans not to be home alone with Paul, now I want to be with him.  Finally, I feel I have the relationship I so longed for!  THANK YOU!”


“I don’t use this statement lightly: Johanna’s course changed my life. We talked about SO MUCH MORE than money… I saw ways I was holding myself back that I had been blind to for decades. It changed my career path, it injected me with a confidence and belief in myself that I’ve never had before, it made me a believer in the work that she does. I’ve done a lot of courses, a lot of workshops, a lot of retreats… I cannot recommend hers more highly.”


“Things are shifting and flowing with greater ease in our family.  The Mother-Daughter issues I had worked on with you have improved with both my daughter and also with my mother.  Almost immediately, I began to see real a softening and shift in a particular relationship that had been so painful to me.  My mother broke her hip a month ago, and I was amazed at how much compassion and caring I could offer her in the midst of this difficult time in her life. I was impressed with myself. With my daughter I have let go so much that she is able to move forward with all she needs to work through. She now comes to me whenever she needs my help. Letting go is not easy, but once we get there we wonder why we didn’t do it sooner. I’m so grateful to you for the work you did with me. You helped us in ways that are profound at a time when our life was in much chaos, confusion and turmoil. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so kind, generous and helpful to me and my family.”

~ Suzanne

“Having worked with several therapist in my past, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a Family Constellation Workshop.  Within my Constellation, I was able to release long held patterns of thinking and ways of engaging with my life that showed up as significant changes in my day-to-day, that had not happened with previous approaches.  After the Constellation, it was as if the experience continued to work within me, unraveling a deeper sense of peace and self confidence weeks after my time at the workshop.  I’ve been recommending this approach to friends and clients ever since.”

~ Sandra

“Johanna was a member of our integrative healthcare team for a number of years.  We referred our patients to her when we suspected that their chronic physical and mental symptoms were related to mental or emotional trauma or stress.  I cannot say enough about her integrity, her professionalism, her bedside manner and – most importantly – her ability to help our patients.  She is a highly skilled practitioner who brings great sensitivity and caring to her work.”

~ Dr. Richard Nahas, Medical Director  The Seekers Centre for Integrative Medicine


Thanks so much for workshop on Saturday. I’m already experiencing positive effects and much more understanding and compassion in previously challenging relationships. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and talents with so many of us. I’m looking forward to more healing and freedom in the near year. Wishing you peace.”

~ Chantal


“With my scientific background I was very skeptical with my first session as a professional treatment method for the challenges I was facing. However, Johanna proved that it is effective from our very first session together. Her meticulous attention and efforts to gather every small piece of information I provided before the session, and then using the essential information during the session in a professional, insightful manner produced results that I felt from the first and every subsequent session. Whether you are skeptical or not – the important thing is the results! From my experience, I can speak to the positive results Johanna’s work provides.”

~Ihsan Aldeen PhD

“Johanna is a kind, warm, knowledgeable woman full of wisdom, and working with her has helped me on so many levels!  client hypnosisI went to see her regarding sleep issues, but she fixed a lot more! She transformed me into a new person, more accepting, calm and peaceful. Her sleep audio is simply amazing! I love listening to it, as it helps me achieving a deep restorative sleep, leaving me energized and happy. Every session with Johanna is a blessing. I am a firm believer in the power of the mind now, thanks to her”

~ Amelia Vega

“The optimization of human potential is served by family constellation work, particularly when the work is masterfully facilitated by Johanna Lynn. She stays focused on the energy in the room until its most relevant truths are revealed. The results are transformative.”

~ Candace

“I connected with you on our first session because I felt you wouldn’t be judgmental. I have a better understanding of what is deeply affecting me with only one session. Your questions are very pertinent and very helpful in discovering the root cause of issues. I really think this will help me change my life for the better and find my new light to experience more satisfaction in my life.”

~ Guylaine Ure

“When a neurologist recommended that I take life-long medication as a possible cure to solve a sleep disorder (Sleepwalking) that I’ve always had, I decided to book a session with Johanna. After just two relaxing sessions, I no longer sleepwalk. From sleepwalking every night to sound, restful sleep, I consider that a big improvement in my life!”

~ Annie

“I had just ended a relationship when I went to see Johanna. I credit her compassionate, gentle approach to the true healing and integration that I required to move forward. She was able to help me turn down the intensity of those painfully raw emotions we experience after a break-up.  Our session together really and truly worked wonders for me. Johanna is amazingly gifted at her work.”

~ Courtney

“What I did with Johanna within a workshop and 1 private session is beyond what I was able to achieve in the past 3 years of work with my traditional therapist. I’ve explored a lot of different approaches and am happy to have finally found Johanna. Thank You.”

~ Lauren

“For years I have struggled with my weight and my overall self esteem. After completing the Love Your Body Program, my entire attitude changed. I now see myself in a completely different way and it is due to the session that I had with Johanna – I have lost 20 pounds, started working out again and my relationship with food has changed. I truly believe that I went through a life changing experience with Johanna and will continue to see her to deal with regular everyday stress or “tune ups” as life goes on. Johanna’s attitude, positivity, and overall aura is felt as soon as you meet her. She truly cares for her patients and I recommend her services to anyone who wants to deal with situations that they want to overcome. I am glad that I made the step to see her and will continue to see her for years to come.”

~ Genevieve Richer

“My sessions with Johanna greatly exceeded my expectations, it was immediately effective. From the moment I entered the office I felt safe and welcome. Johanna was understanding and kind, I felt as though there was nothing I couldn’t say. The work we did together confronted a host of difficulties from health and wellness, to nightmares and social phobias in just five sessions.  Since then I have had tons of energy and a will to create opportunities of a lifetime. I recommend this to anyone experiencing difficulties with emotions, discipline, social phobia or dissatisfaction with life.”

~ Alice

“I want to thank you with all my heart for your guidance and support last night at the Family Constellations workshop. The approach, combined with your kind, intuitive, and insightful guidance allowed me to feel a subtle but deep shift in the way I perceive and relate to my mother. It opened up a new possibility, a new way of relating to and understanding her, which has left me feeling freer and more joyous than I’ve felt for a long time. When I think about my ex-partner, I realize now how I carried the weight of that blockage with my mom into my relationship with my partner. When I felt that I was giving to him too much and he wasn’t taking responsibility for his own well-being, I felt resentful and constrained. If I hadn’t already been carrying my mom’s burden, than I would have felt freer to give to him. I now see that having a heart that flows more openly as possible and I will carry that into my next relationship. It’s almost as if my heart has been in a cage, weighted down by the feeling that I had the responsibility to hold and heal my mom’s pain.  After the workshop, I realize it doesn’t have to be this way.  Thank You.”

~ B.M.

“Simply one of the most powerful ways to clear blockages in your life. The pain and frustration you experience in your relationships, finances, body, career, anywhere in your life, are traced back to family wounds. These patterns of dysfunction are illuminated (even the parts of the story you don’t know!) so they can be deeply shifted helping you to rewrite the story of your experience.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS WORK TO ALL OF MY CLIENTS WHO REALLY WANT CHANGE.”



“Compared to previous flights where fear paralyzed me, after our session, I was completely relaxed 95% of the time during my flight.  When we arrived, I couldn’t believe that the same city that had frightened me so much just few years ago was the same city I now truly like and appreciate, because I managed to see it through the eyes of a curious tourist and not those of a scared person.
I wanted to thank you from the deepest part of my heart for your great help and support. I am sending you my deepest gratitude for your great help.”

~ David


After your workshop, I can see how my family of origin plays out in my current beliefs of financial success and failures. Your presence with each participant was truly remarkable, and your ability to extract the critical details in what each person brought forth was really impressive. I also enjoyed the way you encouraged me to be the leader and healer that I was born to be. I am thrilled to have been a part of this 1 day workshop and I honestly feel more empowered already. The homework you gave me will be done with eagerness and I can’t wait to see how things unfold for me in the coming months. Thank you Johanna!”

~ Michele

The last few years of my life have been the most challenging period I have experienced as an adult. I’ve come to realize that things happen so that you are forced to deal with the underlying pain. I spent nearly 40 years either having no relationship with my mother or a very superficial one. I couldn’t let her in and when I did she would always let me down. Making the wall bigger to climb each time.   She left me as a child on a number of occasions and I never realized the deep rooted pain this caused me. Nor did I realize that carrying that pain affected so many of my other behaviors and relationships. I have worked with Johanna about my relationship with my mother. Johanna helped me to come to a place where I could love and appreciate my mother for who she is. Johanna coached, mentored and metaphorically talked me off the ledge many times! Johanna helped me realize the generational pain that has been passed on and how this affected my mother. I’m now in a place that when I see my mother’s number on my phone I’m looking forward to talking to her. I have been able to lean on her for help and advice and given her the opportunity to be my mother finally. The internal peace I feel is wonderful. I feel it spilling over into all aspects of my life. I feel more empathetic towards others and I feel like I am a better mother. Johanna’s style of deep empathy, laughter, realism and love is truly a gift. I have sought out counselling other times in my life and was never able to get to the root of the problem or felt comfortable putting my entire story on the table. Johanna’s approach just made it easy to feel comfortable with her and I was able to work through what I had to.  I saw Johanna recently and was filling her in on my progress and laughed with her that “I’m cured” I’m truly grateful to Johanna for all her expertise.”

~ Becky

“Thank you so much for our session the other day.  I feel very strongly that our work together is helping me become the person I want to be.  Like I was saying to you, the more I think about the ‘success’ I’ve had in the last year or so, I believe is due to what I now believe is possible and letting go of a lot of the inner struggle that was stopping me before.”

~ Maghan

“I’m really grateful for being able to work with Johanna Lynn. Her deep and powerful work is a life-changing experience! She helped me upgrade to a new personal and professional level that I wasn’t able to access before. I highly recommend to connect with her no matter which issue is preventing you from going further.

~Illa Llinares

“I decided to make changes to get fit and healthy from the inside – out.  I was tired of my mind sabotaging my weight loss. The continual comments whirling in my head that; “I will never do it, I am to fat, this is too hard, this or that is ugly,” was controlling my happiness and it needed to stop. I had seen a photo of myself from 9 years ago and I looked great. What struck me though was I didn’t think that then. 9 years ago every time I looked in the mirror I would still repeat those same abusive comments. I realized that I needed to change this pattern. I decided to explore the “Love Your Body” program. We worked on changing my thought patterns on how I felt about myself on the subconscious level. The subconscious mind influences everything in your life from motivation, confidence, focus, ideas and beliefs. The changes I have made through this program are that I am starting to love who I am by training my mind to say positive things to myself and in return I am choosing to make healthier choices for my body and mind; eat well, pilates, yoga and running. I was never a runner! Since March I have lost close to 20lbs but it is not about the weight. Sure it counts but it is a reflection of how I am changing my mind to love myself.”

~ Sharyn Morris

“My osteopath recommended me to Johanna because I was considering quitting smoking. I went to see her thinking that I would need several sessions to quit smoking given the fact that I had smoked for almost 14 years, that I loved it and that I did not feel ready to let go of that habit. However, after only one session, I felt confident enough, ready and convinced that I was able to do it. Johanna is not only an extremely competent therapist but she is also a generous and amazing person. She helped me make a huge difference in my life and I feel grateful for that. Thanks a lot Johanna!!!”

~ Sarah


“I worked with Johanna early on in my fertility journey.  She stressed the importance of the mind body connection in our work together.  While I fundamentally agreed with her I was committed to my core belief that I would have a child with a partner… though I still wasn’t getting pregnant.  She kept telling me that a child would come whether it be through birth, donor eggs, adoption etc.  Two weeks later I was pregnant with my sperm donor baby at the age of 44!  I have a beautiful baby girl and life feels incredible.  Johanna was right on the money from the very start – I had to change my mindset and when I did my life changed instantly for the better!”

~ Cassandra


“I have been seen Johanna for some other aspects in my life when I started to discuss with her my relationship I was in.  The relationship was so volatile and because of some underlying pain I was working through with Johanna I found myself really lashing out and getting angry very easily when feeling rejected by my partner. This led to a lot of volatility and suffering on both our part.

Working with Johanna, she could help me to have different reactions when faced with this rejection and pain. We had our session and I couldn’t believe the change I felt.  The next time I got into a disagreement with my partner and he rejected me or lashed out, I didn’t feel the same in my body in any way. It wasn’t even like I felt like reacting but was internally using a coping mechanism to not react. My body did not feel like reacting with anger at all. Instead I could see the situation so clearly for what it was…whether he was feeling insecure or rejected and was reacting on it. The arguments stopped escalating and the volatility literally ended overnight. No longer was a walking away or saying things I regretted.  I felt so at peace and we were able to have productive conversations about what the real issue was.

Johanna’s work is phenomenal. I was so skeptical that one session could change anything but it truly did and I couldn’t be more grateful.

~ Annia


“Johanna is a life saver. Through her dedication to helping people, Johanna has helped me to move forward on my healing path. I recommend Johanna and her wonderful knowledge to everyone. Dive into your subconscious mind and find out what is going on in your body!”

~ Shirley Plant

“You have been extremely critical in my positive pursuit of trying to let the past be the past.  You have enabled me to see that I have my own individual path to follow, and that I am capable, and worthy of rising up out of the negative life I have been living due to some circumstances that I thought were beyond my control.  I feel that I have a better understanding of who I am, and who I can be, and for this I am so very grateful.”

~ Barb

“I went into my first session not knowing what to expect, but finished my last session with the peace and resolve that I had been searching for. From the very beginning, Johanna took the time to listen to my story, my concerns, and my goals. Each session was designed around what I was looking to accomplish, and I left feeling its positive effects for several days afterwards. I am now able to appreciate the positive side of my fertility journey, and look towards the future with confidence and hope. This is something I never thought I would be able to say, but Johanna has made it possible. Thank you”

~ Amanda

“Thank you Johanna for your wisdom and insights on my journey. I am discovering more and gaining a deeper understanding of myself and my relationships”

~ Cindy

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