When you are ready to make a change in your life ….
it is important to find the “right fit” when it comes to your therapist, your IMG_6147_3physician, your coach, your financial planner, your massage therapist  ~ all those specialist available to us in this life.

If you have any questions or after reading the website still feel curious about my approach, you are welcome to connect with me.  Here are the best ways:

by e-mail:  connect@johannalynn.ca

by phone:  613.282.6001

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I also LOVE to hear feedback from my clients after they’ve experienced the positive effects of our work together.
Thank You to all the clients who have shared their personal experiences below.

 Clients Share Their Experiences …

“Simply one of the most powerful ways to clear blockages in your life. The pain and frustration you experience in your relationships, finances, body, career, anywhere in your life, are traced back to family wounds. These patterns of dysfunction are illuminated (even the parts of the story you don’t know!) so they can be deeply shifted helping you to rewrite the story of your experience.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS WORK TO ALL OF MY CLIENTS WHO REALLY WANT CHANGE.”

~Shelley, Owner of DoveHeart Yoga Studio

“Having worked with several therapist in my past, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a workshop.  Within my Constellation, I was able to release long held patterns of thinking and ways of engaging with my life that showed up as significant changes in my day-to-day, that had not happened with previous approaches.  After the Constellation, it was as if the experience continued to work within me, unraveling a deeper sense of peace and self confidence weeks after my time at the workshop.  I’ve been recommending this approach to friends and clients ever since.”

~ Sandra

“Johanna was a member of our integrative healthcare team for a number of years.  We referred our patients to her when we suspected that their chronic physical and mental symptoms were related to mental or emotional trauma or stress.  I cannot say enough about her integrity, her professionalism, her bedside manner and – most importantly – her ability to help our patients.  She is a highly skilled practitioner who brings great sensitivity and caring to her work.”

~ Dr. Richard Nahas, Medical Director  The Seekers Centre for Integrative Medicine

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