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The Echo

The Big Reveal: This can look like living a life where you perpetuate feelings that aren't even yours - especially if it might be our only connection with our mom. It's like saying, “The way I'm close to you, Mom, is to suffer like you.”

The truth is, we are much more likely to carry our mom or dad's issues when the connection isn't close. 

Your Essence: Echoing Your Parent’s Pain 🌟

Question: Ever catch yourself acting just like your mom or dad, even when you swore you wouldn't?


It can feel like you're stuck in this loop of repeating their habits and feelings, almost as if you're living aspects of their lives instead of entirely your own.

Being completely honest with yourself, in the privacy of your own mind, do you find yourself mirroring parental habits and behaviors, unintentionally reliving their struggles ?​


You can end up living out their struggles as if they were your own. The trouble is, you can lose sight of your own path and what truly makes you happy.

Insight: Your deep bond with your parents shapes many aspects of your life, sometimes without your awareness. Without recognizing and addressing this pattern:

  • Your own desires and aspirations may take a backseat to familial expectations.

  • Repeating painful patterns carried in the family.

  • Finding your authentic voice and identity may feel just out of reach

  • You end up living a series of “shoulds” instead of your own choices

Do any of these feel all too familiar?

"I just can’t leave you alone with this, Mom or Dad”

“Me too, I struggle with relationships or money, just like you do”

The deep love between parent and child may have you carrying around their emotional baggage, weighing you down in your own life and instead of lightening the load for your parents -  the cycle continues in you and is potentially shared with your children.

Be Aware: Unknowingly mirroring parental issues will end up overshadowing your authentic self.


Recommendation: Identify and consciously choose which traits you wish to keep or let go of, creating your own identity separate from your parents.

Write down traits you admire in others outside your family. Choose one to develop in yourself, as a step towards individuality.

Silver Lining: By acknowledging your parental echoes, you have the opportunity to reclaim your individuality and carve out your unique path.

By doing the work to resolve this echo you can protect your children from carrying on these painful patterns.


Personal Action Plan:

Reflect on the ways you mirror your parents' behaviors and beliefs. Write a list of attributes you see in both of your parents and notice what you share in common. 

Identify areas where you can break free from inherited patterns and explore your own values. Taking steps towards what is most important for you.

Acknowledge your belonging in your family - even if you live without Mom’s anxiety or Dad’s tendencies.

Your journey toward self-discovery is a courageous one. Embrace your uniqueness and step into more of what lights you up instead of what is expected of you.

Next Up: Embark on a journey of self-exploration and authenticity.

Feel good about continuing on your path of self-understanding through the revelations uncovered in your quiz.

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