You’ve been in the “working on it” phase for a while now – but somehow, you find yourself facing the same challenges over and over again. You stock up on books, devour articles and listen to podcasts. You’ve invested in coaches, healers, or therapists. And yet the most irritating and truly painful issues in your life are still hanging on.  Enough is enough. It’s time to let it go – for good.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve been sharing with my clients how to free themselves from relationship patterns and painful behaviours. In this time, I’ve discovered crucial elements to make this process more effective and gets to the root of the physical and emotional stuck points that are holding you (or your clients) back.

Powerful transformation doesn’t have to take months or even years of coaching or therapy

The new science of epigentics and inherited family trauma shows us that often what we struggle with most inside our relationships, health challenges, habitual patterns and our success often lives in the history of our family’s experiences.

In this experiential virtual workshop, you will:

    • Explore 4 ways that your life force is diminished.  Learn what you can do to preserve your vital energy.
    • Uncover one of the most overlooked dynamics in coaching or therapy approaches that will deeply support your well being.  When you create this foundation, the resolution is self-sustaining.
    • Each Client Brings a Lifetime of Experiences ~ What You Need to Work with First
    • Stop patterns and start living. Expose what’s really going on in the patterns you identify in your life.
    • Understand you {and your clients} most pressing problems – even when you can’t identify why you’re stuck.
    • Bridge all that you’ve learned with inclusive solutions that traditional therapeutic styles often overlook.
    • Discover how to take the words your clients use to describe their problem as a guide towards the big-picture solution.
    • Reconstruct your most essential relationships along with the relationship you have with yourself.This series offers powerful solutions to your life that used to feel out of reach.

Are You A Holistic Professional ?

“I completed the training with Johanna because as an energy healer I was looking for a new way to help me get to the root cause of dis-ease for the people that I work with. What Johanna taught me gave me a new lense and a new language that has doubled the effectiveness of my work. The course was rich with information and practical elements, but perhaps the most valuable component was something that can only be taught by way of the example of a very skilled facilitator, and that is Johanna’s way of using the work. She is an incredible guide for anyone looking to learn how to hold space and guide clients to the precise point where the most healing can occur with this work.
This training also gifted me many profound insights in to how areas of my own way of being have been inhibiting my growth and expansion. 15 years along on my own intense healing journey and I thought I had myself pretty sorted out! But I soon began to see my numerous blind spots, and through the many opportunities to do the work along the way my relationships with myself, my loved ones and my work have improved dramatically.”
Sarah Knight, PhD, RM, EuBP, Kingston Integrated Healthcare Inc.
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  • 14 Virtual Workshops with Johanna
    Learn and experience from the convenience of your home or office {using Zoom as our online platform to connect}
  • 3 day live intensive offering deep and lasting resolutions from intense emotions and body sensations  like anxiety, suppressed traumas and relationship constrictions.
  • 2 mentoring master classes to answer questions about your most challenging cases or personal challenges to deepen your understanding from all that you’ve learned in the training. Time will be invested in learning how to create effective client-centered approach that include imagery, healing sentences, body-centered exercises and effective practices based in neuroscience.
  • Immerse yourself in an online community of co-learners – many opportunities for Q&A as we move through the material together
  • Worksheets to take this work into your life today along with suggested reading to further your learning & personal inquiry

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The Details:
Worksheet e-mailed to you before we begin.
Resources with each call to be sure that the inner shifts create the changes you’d like to see in your everyday. We can join together in my virtual office.  Download here ZOOM free before our call. Login Details sent to your inbox upon registration.


This transformational program that blends Inherited Family Patterns, Epigenetics, the latest in healing through neuroscience from the comfort of your own home. Engage in experiential processes, powerful neuro science practices and take in what I’ve found to be the most powerful method to generate change in the most essential areas of your life.


“Studying  with Johanna has benefitted me personally and professionally.  As I’ve incorporated the healing in my own personal life, I come from a different place as a coach with my clients.

It’s been exciting to add this approach to my coaching work.  My clients make desired changes in their lives much more easily and quickly.  They now bring more awareness and choice to patterned behaviours, instead of (unconsciously) being stuck on repeat.

Johanna’s passion for this work is evident, and she shares it with her students.  She is generous with her time and responsive to questions. Johanna models non-judgement, open-heartedness, and clear boundaries; content aside, this alone was a fantastic source of learning!  

I’m grateful to Johanna for introducing me to this powerful work so that I can now offer it to my clients.”        Anne Marie Nantais, Certified Life Coach and Speaker