What if you could generate lasting transformation in a client’s life in a single experience ?

If you’ve just been working with your client’s present struggles, you are only working with part of the story.  The new science women-4-generationsaround the emotional patterns we inherit from our family shows us that often what we struggle most with inside our relationships, health challenges, habitual patterns or our success can track all the way back to our grandparents.

Your clients may just think ‘this is just the way I am’ or ‘these are the things I’ve always struggled with in my life’  Everyday in the work I do with clients, I am shown that the resolutions are found in the very words your clients use to describe their challenges. This opens the door to relevant family history that is alive in today’s life experience.

As you are well aware, people today are desperately in need of more ease, more lightness, more vitality – today more than ever we see higher rates of anxiety, depression, addictions from everything from food to gambling to drugs. Including those living with heartache or going through the difficulties of divorce or living with serious health issues that just aren’t solved with a pill.  There are many people who are now seeking the solutions that you would like to offer.  

When you do fast, deep and lasting work with your clients, these are the people who now become a steady stream of referrals. They have experienced the results and now they are raving about your work, bringing you clients that you absolutely love to work with. Fascinating, new, interesting clients with challenges that you know how to best support them with.  In my experience, these new clients come to you in droves when you offer quick, deep and lasting results for their friends, family or colleagues.

You can create the impact you’ve always imagined you could have with your work. Just one of the focus areas of the training is the Core Language Approach – it’s exactly how I’ve been getting rapid, lasting results with my clients.  My clients share incredible testimonials from the work we do together, they end up consistently referring new clients to me and each day I am feeling really satisfied with the quality and depth of the work I get to do with the perfect-fit kind of clients that I truly love to work with.  

beach-laptopI even have extra time to spend with family, to travel, time for reading and to practice yoga. I also dedicated some of that extra time to setting up my business in a way that I can travel with my laptop and work with my clients from where I am. From a woman who has resisted winter her entire life, this is an incredible way to UP my enjoyment factor when I get to leave freezing cold Canadian winters to do the work I love from the sunny destination my family and I travel to.

Instead of wondering what to do with those challenging cases,  you can become the ONLY practitioner that your client’s have worked with to provide them with a resolution.  When you solve your client’s most pressing problems – even when they can’t identify why they are stuck.  You now become the go-to-healer in your field.  If you choose to implement what you will learn in this training, you will discover exactly why my clients are telling me:  “I’ve been struggling with this for years. We’ve accomplished more in this workshop than the work I’ve done with others over the past 10 years”

My life is dedicated to training health professionals who would like to create a greater impact, who would like to achieve work life balance, who would like to feel greater satisfaction in the work they do everyday.  To work from their genius and provide solutions for clients who are in desperate need of change in the most essential aspects of their lives.

If you’re interesting in discovering how you can become the go-to-healer, how your clients can experience the most powerful shifts in the shortest amount of time and how you can finally take back control of your schedule and do some of those things that you’ve been putting off for years.  If that sounds good to you, reach out to me directly and we can have a conversation about your practice and how you would like to see it grow.

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Let’s talk about amplifying your practice while simplifying your life.