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Reveal  Your  Family Imprint 
Personality  Profile  Results

Thank you for the time you dedicated to completing this personality profile. 

Your Family Imprint Results






Explore the sections below to understand the most prominent themes in your results.

Reveal Your Family  Imprint 


The Individualist

You embody independence, navigating life with a self-sufficient mindset.


Often this is because your inner child doesn’t quite trust connection or ends up feeling that relying on others may lead to being let down or hurt {again}.

Challenges with setting and expressing boundaries may arise, stemming from a belief that love & acceptance are earned through your actions, rather than your inherent worth.

Others may admire your ability to stand strong on your own, but it might also create barriers in connecting with others & expressing your emotions fully.

Reveal Your Family  Imprint 


The Echo

We end up living our life in a similar way to our parents.

The other side of the spectrum can also be true, we think we’re “helping” our parent carry what is heavy. Yet having anxiety just like Dad doesn’t mean his experience of anxiety is any lighter, it just means you express it too.

We often struggle in a similar way as the parent.


Whether it's picking up mom's critical nature or inheriting dad's stubbornness, you can find yourself mirroring your parents' issues without even realizing it.

Reveal Your Family  Imprint 


The Boomerang

What is unresolved with your parents keeps repeating painful patterns in life situations. 

Like the boomerang we throw out, it just comes right back to us. 

Either we live out a similar scenario, the unreliable Mom becomes the partner who ends up feeling like you're on a rollercoaster ride instead of the soft place to land that you can count on.

What we push away in our parents often turns into shadow parts of ourselves, causing unintended life patterns.

By rejecting the hurtful or challenging aspects of our parents, we may inadvertently fail to recognize our similar traits, unknowingly replicating those very behaviors.

Reveal Your Family  Imprint 

boundary circle.jpg

The Shapeshifter

You put a lot of effort into making your relationships work.


Often finding it easy to be flexible to fit what others want but are you making sure your needs are being met too?

Difficulty setting boundaries can often be traced back to a childhood where you took on the message that to not do what others want you to do results in being left out - judged or completely rejected. 

Sometimes, this means you tend to break yourself into pieces, hiding bits you think others won't like, all to avoid being left out or misunderstood by those you share your life with.

Reveal Your Family  Imprint 


The Loyalist

You feel strongly tied to a sense of duty and obligation, feeling compelled to fulfill what you perceive as expected of you by those close to you.

Wrestling with the conflict between meeting the needs of others and your own is a common theme. This internal struggle often leads you to make decisions out of guilt, prioritizing others often at the expense of your own well-being.

Reveal Your Family  Imprint 


Your Next Step ...

Utilize your family imprint as a key to unlock a deeper understanding of yourself & your relationships. 

Constellation Connections, is not just a gathering, it's a transformative experience designed to help you uncover hidden dynamics, heal past wounds, and create positive shifts in your life.

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