Imagine devoting 90 minutes each week to YOU – to transforming and lightening your life –  in an educational and experiential way.

RISE  is a 6-week transformational program that blends powerful neuro science practices, revolutionary experiential processes and fresh insights which will lead to the change you’ve been seeking.












The location?  A virtual meeting room designed to reconstruct your most essential relationships, along with the relationships you hold with yourself. This 6- week immersion connects the missing links you’ve been most challenged by, providing answers that have previously felt out of reach.

The most valuable step you can take right now is to address what’s really holding you back, – so you’ll never find yourself in these repetitive patterns again.

If you want to release what’s stalling your financial success, limiting your relationship happiness or your confidence, you will need the full picture to find your solution. The partners we choose; the careers we find ourselves in, the habits we find most difficult to break… from how we parent to how we prioritize self care, right down to our fears and phobias: all of these can be sourced from our family of origin. Yes, even if you were adopted, or if your parents worked so much, you were raised by a nanny.

Curious about Your Emotional Family Inheritance ?

Regardless of how well you’ve learned to budget or, source out the best deals,  or how many of the latest money management books you’ve read, until you work with the inner stuff, – the outer “solutions” often fall short.

The 6 weeks RISE program  is designed to bring in new awareness related to:

  • How we unconsciously limit ourselves
  • How much money we feel we deserve
  • Our repetitive patterns – including those thoughts that seem to loop as if on repeat
  • Our uncertainty or lack of security about finances”Johanna’s workshop was life-changing. It is hard to describe the changes that were made over the course of the series, but I will try in hopes that you know what is possible. I have had a very difficult relationships with money my whole life. I lived in fear of it but desired it at the same time. Ultimately, I learned that my relationship with money has a much deeper connection to my relationship with my parents. Through the exercises, homework, and suggested reading I gained awareness and have started the process of healing all of these relationships. I have spent thousands of dollars in therapy, but Johanna’s course changed my life more than those therapy sessions ever did! I am so grateful for her courses and her knowledge (and willingness to share). I will be attending more of her workshops as I have seen the true benefit and I’m ready to learn more and dive deeper. Thanks, Johanna!”– Sarah



Have you ever explored how your earliest experiences shape your relationship with success and your inner relationship with money ?

These 6 weeks will reveal the hidden dynamics that live in us as inner images, habits and, behaviors, pulling us out of where we feel stuck in life and creating space to recognize what is unconsciously guiding us. When we can acknowledged what influences our relationship to money and to ourselves, genuine change takes shape, sometimes immediately and sometimes over time.

Have you noticed that some days you’re clear about your vision and goals,
and other days you wonder where your confidence is hiding?

You may be surprised to discover that in order to thrive financially, you must first address what you’re carrying from your family of origin.  Over the years, all of your successes,  failures, unspoken dreams and, whether someone benefited at the expense of another – all of it influences how you interact with your finances today.

Maybe you can relate to this: “I felt this was the work I was born to do. I knew I had a gift to give, and I knew I had the talent to give it.”  Yet as time went on, I found had far too many balls in the air… and not nearly enough hands to juggle them all.”

Our confidence, our choices in life, what we feel capable of reaching for –  all are interwoven with money and our idea of success. Money represents so many different things in our lives…, and even though money is as essential as oxygen, it is often viewed as a taboo topic. This workshop offers an open environment to discover your internal relationship to success and money.

What is YOUR current relationship with MONEY?

Have not been not trusting it? – Complaining about it? – Even Hating it? – Feeling ashamed by it — or, worse! — wishing you didn’t have to deal with it?  No wonder it hasn’t wanted to stay!
This is why your bank account balance isn’t where you want it to be. We can work together to change that.

I can promise you one thing: this is not all yours to figure out.

Einstein famously said, “We can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” We all need someone else to ask us the questions that will shine light on the parts of ourselves we aren’t even aware are influencing us.

I like to joke that my job title should be “detective” – because as I listen to you share your most frustrating challenges, I track the words you use to solve the case of “why does this keep happening to me?”

Imagine what could happen if you were no longer dealing with repetitive self-criticism, and instead were working with the root cause from which the major issues arise.


One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in my 20 years of working with clients is that women working together are exponentially stronger and more capable than when they work in solitude. Community creates the kind of accountability, support, creative inspiration and positivity mindset most of us simply cannot replicate on our own.

If you’re interesting in gaining traction and clarity and putting your great work out into the world, while making powerful shifts in the shortest amount of time, let’s have a conversation about your life and your business and how you would like to see it grow.

Receive everything RISE has to offer you for less of an investment than working privately with me, not to mention on-going therapy or coaching. And, the results of this group will be exponential from what you’d get from private sessions, plus and the extra gift of new friendships, support and community.

Questions about Rise? Let’s set aside a 30 minute conversation be sure your questions are answered

RISE invites you into the practice of coming home to yourself, trusting your own inner wisdom as you develop more self-compassion.

Join in with this community, connecting you with other inspiring women who are equally committed to sharing their powerful work with the world. We will move through powerful exercises that transform not only the way you feel about yourself from inside, but also clear out what’s been getting in the way between where you are now and where you belong.

And working with a guide alongside a group of like-minded woman is like taking the flame that is your unique gifts, talent, and beautiful work that only you are able to offer this world … and turning it into a roaring blaze.

If you are ready to deepen your understanding of your emotional inheritance and your connection with yourself  – you can register here.