The Practice of Coming Home to Yourself

Imagine, each month, devoting 2 hours to YOU as a practice, each month time designed to transform and lighten your life.Releasing Pain Our time shared together will support the release of much of the deep material within that we usually ignore in the busyness of our everyday. Releasing this material opens up new insights and brings new solutions – ones outside of our habitual patterns – to light. At the completion of our time together, you’ll come away feeling acknowledged, much more grounded and empowered with clarity to trust in the right next step for you.
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The W.E. {Woman Entrepreneurs} Collective

We will share 2 hours together, twice a month, meeting in my virtual office with zoom. For less of an investment than a private session with me, or therapy or coaching, the results of this group that will be so much more, not to mention than you will take away more from a single session and the extra gift of new friendships, support and community. This group is all about gaining traction and clarity and putting your great work out into the world, while making powerful shifts in the shortest amount of time.

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Private Sessions

Using Skype or Phone as our tool to connect – we can create a ‘virtual clinic’ with our online connection allowing us to experience a session just as we would in my office. Our time together is a dedicated 90 minute session that offers deep transformation in your life.
what-i-created-for-youEvery person is unique – just like the challenges we face in life.  Let’s schedule a brief conversation so that I can any answer questions you may have.

I would really recommend Johanna for any health or stress issues. Personally I was very stressed out and having lots of digestive issues – this despite eating a very clean, allergy free diet. I was at my wits end as to what I could do next. I had experienced a session with Johanna at her office and my extreme digestive symptoms cleared up very quickly. For anxiety support I found Johanna’s approach to be amazing, especially during a very high stress time. I found it particularly useful to have an evening session via Skype which also helped me find a deep and relaxing sleep straight afterwards. I found the in person and Skype sessions to be equally beneficial with the added plus of being in bed already at home via Skype! I really feel the work Johanna does on a deep level has benefited my whole body and mind. She is quite simply amazing.”
Terry Battles

This virtual office offers us the perfect tool that will invite you to share what your present challenges are or any patterns you’ve noticed repeatedly showing up in your life.  Be as open, honest and direct as possible, let your heart be shown on the screen.

Once I listen to YOU in detail (I’m listening to more than just your voice!)
How the tone of your voice changes as you share the details of your life situation, the words you choose to express yourself, where you pause and even what you don’t say. All leave clues to what is really going on at the level of the subconscious mind. The more you share with me, the more I can use my years of experience to zero in and support you with all the specifics for long-standing, life-altering enhancement.


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