Sat, Feb 24th ~ Release Inherited Family Patterns ~ Gatineau


Your Shortcut to a Life Well Lived

  • Have You Grown Tired of the Same Arguments?
  • Have Depression, Anxiety or Sadness become more familiar than you would like ?
  • Are You frustrated because you still have the symptoms … even after everything you’ve tried?
  • Are You having a hard time letting go or forgiving ? Understand why you are stuck.
  • Do You notice yourself repeating the same patterns?
  • Living with uncertainty or worry with your finances?

In this workshop we will explore:

  • 70% of repetitive conflicts between a couple come from the family of origin.
    Have you grown tired of those same arguments?
  • Thriving financially depends on what remains unresolved in your family
  • Your earliest experiences as a child create the blueprint for everything you do. Everything.

Family Constellations

Date:  Sat, Feb 24th

Time:  10:00 – 5:00
Location:  Aylmer
address e-mailed to you upon registration

Cost:  $155-
Bring a Friend: Save $25-

“I just want to take a moment to thank you. Your workshop, Saturday afternoon was in many ways incredible, inspirational, and life changing. I could go on about the effects of your work but I will keep it short. A man of many frustrating relationships, you have given me many of the unanswered questions that I have been left with over the years, and the closure that I have never gotten. Most importantly you helped me understand my family dynamic that I have spent hours upon hours and too much energy on trying to understand. Having a better idea now, of my relationship with my mother has left me refreshed, given me a better understanding of myself, better equipped and certainly more confident entering into future relationships. Thank you.”  ~ Alex

“What is hidden in one generation … is carried by the body to the next one.”
Francoise Dalto

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