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June 6th – 10th ~ Morning Blossom Boutique Retreat



A dedicated weekend to release of the underlying messages that live in your DNA. Similar to how a computer has programs running in the background but works smoothly on the surface, you also have stories or patterns informing your behaviour which you can usually ignore in the busyness of everyday life. This retreat is designed to re-frame energetic patterns and reshape your inner story so that you can receive more of what you’d like in your life.

Come away from this four days with significantly improved relationships – with self, with family, with partner, with your children and with professional relationships.

Renew yourself in nature

Nourish your body with healthy food

Experiential exercises that take root in the body for change that sticks

Free yourself from outdated inner stories and behaviours that are draining you




Johanna Lynn has 20 years expertise in resolving inherited family patterns and is the founder
of The Family Imprint Institute with an international private practice.

She is committed to resolving painful patterns from living out in the next generation, as if on repeat. If she had a superpower, it would have to be listening like a detective to the facts of your family history, the words you use to describe your challenges lead her directly to where the most effective resolution is for you. The intention with her work is to contribute to world peace, one family at a time.

From the depths of my heart, I want to thank you for yesterday‘s incredible session. I am absolutely grateful for the work that you did with me, to bring me to a place I’ve been trying to get to for 30 years.”   ~ Pam

LocationMorning Blossom Boutique Retreat
Located in Muskoka overlooking beautiful Lake Vernon

Dates: 3&½ days dedicated to you – Thursday, June 6 – Sunday, June 9th

Investment: $831 {taxes included}
Includes: delicious, healthy meals/beautiful accommodations/ life enhancing workshop
Thursday Dinner, Friday & Saturday, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner & Sunday breakfast.
Add an additional day of recreation, rest & nourishment for just $165-

“I’m kind of speechless. I attended Johanna Lynn’s workshop and have come home seeing my family relationships like never before. I’ve had a lot of therapy and have tried many forms of healing in my life, but I don’t ever remember coming away with such an intense feeling of personal healing, understanding – and love. Thank you Johanna. “  ~ Dianne

This work supports the release of a lot of the deep material within that we can usually ignore in the busyness of our everyday. There are times when as we release what lives inside of us, it opens up new insights, along with new solutions that come to light so that something outside of your patterned way can open up.

“Thank you so incredibly much for your workshop this past weekend. I am in awe of your intuition, compassion, and guidance, and was so honoured to be part of the beautiful group that you brought together. The work you are doing is a gift to the world.”  ~Sara