Sat, Sept 22 ~ Resolve: Stop Patterns. Start Living ~ Aylmer


Experiential workshop designed to transform & lighten your life

Everyone in the family has their part to contribute in the ongoing dynamics at play. The best news of all is that it only takes one person to make the change that can positively affect the entire family.  This work supports the release of a lot of the deep material within that we can usually ignore in the busyness of our everyday. There are times when as we release what lives inside of us, it opens up new insights, along with new solutions that come to light so that something outside of your patterned way can open up.

This is what you can expect when you Resolve Inherited Family Patterns:

  • Energize your health
  • Live with self acceptance
  • Receive the love you desire & deserve
  • Master the ability to love & trust yourself
  • Generate ease & growth with your finances
  • Discover family patterns that influence all aspects of your life
  • Utilize the power of your breath to calm the body & engage healing
  • Initiate clarity to make decisions that align with what you truly want
  • Learn about your inner images & how they are shaping every aspect of your life

Date: Sat, Sept 22nd
Time: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Cost: $155
Bring a Friend & Save $25-
Location:  home office in Aylmer – address emailed to you upon registration
Space is Limited

What is hidden in one generation … is carried by the body to the next one.”  Francoise Dalto

“Things are shifting and flowing with greater ease in our family.  The Mother-Daughter issues I had worked on with you have improved with both my daughter and also with my mother.  Almost immediately, I began to see real a softening and shift in a particular relationship that had been so painful to me.  My mother broke her hip a month ago, and I was amazed at how much compassion and caring I could offer her in the midst of this difficult time in her life. I was impressed with myself. With my daughter I have let go so much that she is able to move forward with all she needs to work through. She now comes to me whenever she needs my help. Letting go is not easy, but once we get there we wonder why we didn’t do it sooner. I’m so grateful to you for the work you did with me. You helped us in ways that are profound at a time when our life was in much chaos, confusion and turmoil. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so kind, generous and helpful to me and my family.”

~ Suzanne

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