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Training for Coaches, Mediators & Therapists 
Learn family constellations, inherited family trauma, relationship divorce mental health expert Johanna Lynn

We all come from a family and when we join in partnership, these family stories come together and eventually collide.

The combination of the two systems aren’t so visible at the beginning but eventually becomes evident with difficult patterns and cycles that couples are faced with. 


When we include the family imprint, it offers a whole new perspective to the challenges we face in our relationships.

This 12-week training equips you to navigate the complexities of love, cultivate healthy boundaries and communication, and repair relationship patterns – all with the added perspective of your client's family imprint.

Working with couples is more challenging than working with individuals. Couples can get very complicated very quickly.


Especially when the fight that has been brewing - sometimes for years - breaks out during your session.


Having worked with a wide-range of clients, all at different stages of their relationship, I have learned what makes love thrive and what slowly tears it to pieces.

Johanna Shares 16 Years of Expertise Trusted by Therapists & Coaches Worldwide

The future of therapy begins now

because our clients are in crisis

Behind the screens, a silent epidemic was made clear.
Top searched words in 2024 were how to cope with…
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🧩 How to cope with depression
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Johanna’s training has been profoundly life changing for me. Through her teachings I am able to see life situations and family issues from a whole new deeper perspective and uncover the root source of the challenge. 


She has awarded me with great clarity and insight towards some deep rooted personal patterns in relationships as well as learn the skills to inquire and guide profound solutions for my clients. 


Johanna is extremely dedicated to her work and I am fascinated by her level of knowledge with so many different client cases and questions asked in the training. 


I have spent thousands of dollars in therapy, but Johanna’s course changed my life more than those therapy sessions ever did. I am so grateful for this course and the ways that it has enhanced my work with clients.                                                                                                                                                        ~ Natalie

Learn family constellations, inherited family trauma, relationship divorce mental health expert The Family Imprint Institute

Untangling Love:
Systemic Secrets for Relationship Dynamics

  • How to build a genogram to be your guide to solve your client's most pressing problems - even when they don't know why they are stuck 

  • Determine the root cause for the couple beyond surface complaints & emotionally charged issues & how to get to the root cause of the couple's challenge within the 1st session

  • Explore opportunities to go deeper with clients and pick up on subtle emotional cues

  • Navigate beyond couples' volatility to stay on target with the primary issues that had them seek your services 

  • How to argue well with the person you love

  • When there is hurt in a relationship – how to find balance

  • How to work effectively with couples online.   Close the physical distance and enhance the quality of connection within your virtual office

  • Learn how to structure your sessions, keep your clients engaged, and work effectively, regardless of whether your clients have worked online before or not


  • The 4 influences that shape our lives from behind the scenes 

  • Hidden elements that feed frustration and distance & how to repair long standing hurts  

  • Understand WHY your clients need what they do within their loving connection & what influences relationship choices on a subconscious level

  • The roots of codependency and best practices to resolve  

  • Learn about the style of communication enhances intimacy  

  • Parenting or Co-Parenting from a connected place

  • Boundaries are the framework for your life, relationships and your thriving practice. How to cultivate healthy, clear and kind boundaries

  • Boundaries protect what matters most is essential learning for all holistic professionals and a powerful resource with your work with clients  

  • Learn specific tools for ‘how’ to cultivate and care for your boundaries – professionally and personally 

After completing the training, there is an optional mentoring group that supports you as you begin to share this approach with your clients along with a welcomed space to bring any questions you may have in your own relationship. Read more about it here.

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