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With more than two decades in international practice, I've discovered that the secret to more loving, secure relationships and financial ease is rooted in your family tree.

Recent headlines in Time magazine, Science Journal, The New York Times are all exploring the impacts of what we inherit from our family of origin & how this ends up shaping our lives.

You are more than just your personal experience.
You are the expression of the collection of experiences from your family.

We all know those underlying problems that talk therapy, as good as it is, doesn't quite solve. When you include family history you can find solutions that other approaches may have missed.


As an expert in the field of epigenetics, I offer a unique perspective related to how family history shapes your finances, professional growth along with your relationships - often outside of our conscious awareness.

My most focused areas of study have been Family Constellations, Integrative Body Psychotherapy, Inherited Family Trauma, The Core Language Approach & Ericksonian Hypnotherapy.


I’ve spent years studying how language and our inner images intertwine. In working together with clients, I tune into the unique language of each client, which often leads us to the very root of an issue.

Training & Accreditation


  • Sociology, Psychology within my Social Arts and Sciences degree

  • Certifications from The Family Constellation Institute

  • The Inherited Trauma Institute

  • The Hellinger Institute of Northern California

  • Certified Massage Therapist and Aromatherapist

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist certified by the National Guild of Hypnotherapists

  • Masters in Neuro Linguistics Programming with The WEL-Systems Institute.

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