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Reveal Your Family Imprint
Uncovering hidden dynamics
for how your family shaped you

& what you can do about it 

We are all born with a family signature and this shapes our personality & relationships ... ultimately shapes our lives. There is more to you than you know


You can use your family tree like a compass to understand the origin of your present day challenges.

The more you understand how your family has shaped you {and those that you love}
the more you can let love flow again, to untangle challenges from its knotted web.

The Reveal Your Family Imprint personality profile reveals something you cannot see, influenced by your very DNA. 
This comprehensive quiz will uncover hidden dynamics for how your family shaped youand what you can do about it.

"The issue we went to Johanna for was something that had been on-going for years and one that we'd invested money and substantial time attempting to solve. My partner and I were discouraged.

Within a short period of time, Johanna established connections between several pieces of the puzzle we had never considered as relevant.

In our first session together, we'd accomplished more than any of the other method's we'd tried to solve this complex issue in our family.

Johanna made me feel at ease and was very good at drawing out information in a natural way.

Another surprising but awesome outcome is that the work we did together has lessened emotional pain around several cornerstone events in my life.

If you've been challenged with an issue that feels hard to solve ... reach out to Johanna. I guarantee you'll be surprised by what you find together. And once you know, you'll be able to find solutions for moving forward."                ~ Alison

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