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What if the recurring challenges in your life are the clues for the solution you’ve been seeking? 

When you include family history you can find what others may have missed.
Johanna Lynn expert in mental health, relationships and divorce

Private & Couple Sessions

I can hear the language of your unconscious in how you describe your emotions, complaints, struggles and life stressors.

This allows our work to go beyond the surface complaints to source the type of resolution that will last a lifetime.

Online Workshops

Constellation Connections, is not just an event; it's a transformative experience designed to help you uncover hidden dynamics, heal past wounds, and create positive shifts in your life.

Family Imprint Institute, inherited family trauma and behavior, divorce, relationship expert
Resolve inherited family behavior and trauma, divorce, mental health, relastionships

Resilient Roots

Let's spend 5 months together. We'll dive deeper than surface-level growth and break down past hurts that might be holding you back. We'll transform those tough emotions into fuel for your full potential. We all have residue from the past but the truth is your life doesn't have to be defined by it.


Designed for Therapists, Coaches & Mediators. 

This also includes those who are relationally gifted. Are you the friend that everyone turns to?

You can turn your natural skills into a fulfilling career that transforms people's lives positively.


Johanna shares 16 years of expertise trusted by therapists & coaches worldwide.

Mental health, divorce, relationship expert Johanna Lynn the Family Imprint Institute
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