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Divorce Recovery

Divorce isn't just the end of a marriage; it's a profound life transition, requiring not only legal adjustments but deep emotional resilience. 

I understand the complexity of feelings and decisions you face during this challenging time - because I’ve gone through it myself.


I also bring almost 2 decades of clinical experience to support you in rebuilding your life. 

couple divorce facing apart.jpg

Often feelings like resentment and anger are right at the surface, signaling deeper issues such as broken promises, unmet expectations, and unacknowledged hurts. 

Addressing these underlying issues can turn a painful ending into a source of profound insight and understanding, allowing for a more amicable separation process and reducing conflict in co-parenting arrangements.

Divorce can reopen old wounds and invoke deep-seated emotions tied to past experiences. We delve into these emotional layers, identifying patterns inherited from family dynamics and previous relationships that might have influenced your relationship outcomes - so that you don’t repeat any of those painful patterns.


Recovery from divorce is about moving toward a new version of yourself. By understanding the family dynamics and personal experiences that have shaped your relationships, you can lighten the emotional load and approach future relationships with greater wisdom and less baggage. 


Divorce is a significant life challenge, you don’t have to implement all those changes alone. You are at the crossroads for profound personal discovery and renewal. 

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