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Relationship Breakthrough

This approach is designed to get to the heart of what prevents us from having the closeness we all desire. 

Have you ever considered that conflict is a catalyst for connection?

Sometimes the way we express getting our needs met connects to old hurts from our childhood or an unresolved relationship where old painful patterns are stuck on repeat.


What if the aspects of your relationship that you find the most difficult are your guide to uncovering hidden hurts that support you in understanding core aspects of yourself, ultimately leading to personal growth and a more profound, well-deserved love.

The Family Imprint Institute, resolve inherited family trauma and behavior. Johanna Lynn expert in divorce, relationships

Every time you look at your partner and have critical thoughts or even tell yourself or friends that “you deserve better”


You ignore all the ways that he/she is a perfect fit for your own unconscious patterns of relating
and until you heal those, you are destined to find yourself in the exact same spot; with the same doubts, recurring themes, and challenges in every new relationship.

Resolve relationship issues, divorce, money problems, expert Johanna Lynn

You might find yourself trapped in a cycle of repeating patterns with different partners until you recognize that YOU hold the key to creating a new path.


As you uncover those hidden family dynamics and their role in your relationship, you’ll start seeing things in a whole new way… I can promise you that.

Johanna has been supporting clients with their relationships for almost 2 decades, originally due to her personal experience with divorce, then as a systemic therapist focusing on restoring relationships and supporting clients who are navigating painful separations. 

Resolve divorce, relationship issues and money problems The Family Imprint Institute


This is the approach that I wish I had access to when I learned about my ex-husband’s affair. The affair was a symptom of all that lived between us – the resentments, the broken promises, how we had disengaged from each other and all the hidden anger. The affair was the breaking point; we could not go on like we had been.


I have many clients and friends who have made it to the other side of an affair, with a stronger, more solid connection with their partner. But that wasn’t my personal experience. 

Well before our break-up, I remember a crossroads in our relationship when I asked my therapist
Why does it always seem like I’m the one doing all the work?
Her response cut straight to it: “Because you’re the one with a desire for something different.”

What I’ve come to realize is that it only takes one person in a relationship to spark a change and shift the dynamic.

Over 70% of couples' recurring fights
stem from their family imprint

Each of us brings along the behaviors and feelings of our early experiences. Unless we do our inner work, the cycle unconsciously continues.

Explore the hidden forces that influence our relationships, that show up as  silent expectations, hidden family loyalties & habitual behaviors that erode our intimate relationships. 


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“I just want to take a moment to thank you. Our work together was in many ways incredible, inspirational, and life changing.


I've experienced many frustrating relationships over the years and you have given me many of the unanswered questions that I have been left with over the years, and the closure that I have never gotten.


Most importantly you helped me understand my family dynamic that I have spent hours upon hours and too much energy on trying to understand.


Having a better idea now, of my relationship with my mother has left me refreshed, given me a better understanding of myself, better equipped and certainly more confident entering into future relationships. Thank you.”              ~Alex

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