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Resilient Roots 
Following Your Roots for Today's Freedom

You want to go well beyond the surface or lightweight, personal development and metabolize past pain that has previously held you back along with any of the heavy emotional spaces you navigate, more often than you’d like to admit - even to yourself.

A wider context from which to live in and ways to navigate "these times" for those who feel the gravity of the world and still want to create impact within it.

be nourished, mental health, relationship, divorce

Let go of what’s not working.  Take your energy back from frustration or shoulds and follow the energy of what calls to you.

Feel supported with a blend of personal deep work along with a place for connection with others who are big thinkers and deep feelers to explore relationships, boundaries and revealing the unseen.

To access empowering choices that align with you while stepping out of  any entanglements or outdated narratives that are weighing you down.

When uncertainty is UP - generational patterns have a stronger grip.

When things we’ve always known and counted on are changing really fast, it can feel destabilizing.
Navigating uncertainty is like riding a wave of generational patterns. When the familiar ground beneath us shifts rapidly, it's natural to feel a bit lost. Often there are invisible family influences that get in the way of navigating life well in times of uncertainty.

Uncertain times call for inner resilience. Let's cultivate yours.

Let's pull some weeds from the past, clearing some space for YOU to bloom.

What's Included?


  • Over 5 months, receive 5 private sessions with Johanna

  • 5 group online gatherings with a collective of like-minded women. 

  • Customized meditations

  • Where to Draw the Line: Setting Healthy Boundaries Every Day series

  • Ongoing e-mail access to Johanna with any of your questions

    Investment: $297-/month

"I just finished the online group with Johanna & it was beyond my expectations. The information I learned about myself is life changing & I am forever grateful for being part of this wonderful group.


Johanna's gentle spirit made the whole process feel great.  
This is the deep work I needed to unfold family patterns."         

~ Tracy

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