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Relationship Breakthrough

Untangle what’s been ‘wrong’ & connect it to where the pattern stems from to truly understand what prevents you from having the closeness we all desire in our loving connections.

We’ll explore the hidden forces that influence relationship choices on a subconscious level — silent expectations, hidden family loyalties, as well as the habitual behaviors that erode our intimate relationships.

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Wife is angry, divorce is possible

Divorce without Destruction

Before hiring an expensive divorce lawyer, understand what the conflict really connects to so that you can resolve that, allowing the process of separation to be more amicable.

I have observed over my years supporting couples is that it only takes 1 person in the relationship to create a significant change. Often one side of the relationship is committed to making a change before the other may be quite ready. That is enough to create change.

Divorce Recovery

Divorce isn't just the end of a marriage; it's a profound life transition, requiring not only legal adjustments but deep emotional resilience. 

I understand the complexity of feelings and decisions you face during this challenging time - because I’ve gone through it myself.

I also bring almost 2 decades of clinical experience to support you in rebuilding your life.

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Are you a mediator, coach or therapist?

The future of therapy begins now because our clients are in crisis:

✨1 out of every 2 marriages ends in divorce.

✨3 out of 5 North Americans experience loneliness.

✨Rates of depression and anxiety have skyrocketed

Johanna shares 16 years of expertise & is trusted by therapists & coaches worldwide.

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