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Divorce without Destruction

Whether you are considering or are in the process of separation, you know that its an incredibly difficult and highly emotional time.


For many, a time in your life when you feel the most overwhelmed, anxious, and alone is the same time that you are required to make some of the most important legal and financial decisions of  your life. 


Before hiring an expensive divorce lawyer, understand what the conflict really connects to so that you can resolve that, allowing the process of separation to be more amicable.

resolve inherited family trauma and behavior. Johanna Lynn expert in divorce, relationships and mental health

  Before, During & After Separation

this is where you come when your family changes

"Lost and overwhelmed after my decade-long relationship crumbled, a close friend recommend Johanna's approach.

Her sessions weren't just therapy, she helped me untangle the emotional mess, understand the deeper issues, and finally release the resentment, anger & hurt I'd been carrying for years.

Johanna's ability to navigate both the raw emotions and the practicalities of divorce was just the support I needed. She empowered me to communicate effectively with my ex, ensuring our children remained a priority, however difficult the process.


Co-parenting with my ex is still a work in progress, but Johanna helped us find a way to communicate that works for our kids. That's a win in my book."    ~ Ashley

  What About Staying Together for the Children ? 

Children live in the tension that exists between you. 

They notice the stonewalling or the slammed doors, they hear the side comments or overhear the direct arguments.


There are times when what is best for the children is simply happy parents. There are circumstances where the distance creates the space required for repair.


Our work together offers you a place to find clarity when your family changes.


This is where you can access meaningful support for you and your children through this time of separation.  

The Family Imprint Institute, resolve inherited family trauma and behavior. Johanna Lynn expert in divorce, relationships

I customize my approach with each client, each session is personalized to give you what you need most to move through this transition. Some common topics are:​

  • Experiential exercises to find completion and peace-of-mind

  • Connecting past hurts to own your part as you take steps towards your strength & resilience

  • Getting on the same team with your co-parent - even when dealing with a difficult co-parent  

  • Support for handling painful or challenging conversations with your children    

  • Understand WHY you need what you do within your loving connections  

  • Together, we'll create a personalized plan to address the emotional and practical challenges of divorce, ensuring you're well-supported.

What if I can’t get my spouse or my co-parent to participate?

This is a common question.

Often one side of the relationship is committed to making a change before the other may be quite ready.  What I have observed over my years in supporting couples is that it only takes 1 person in the relationship to create a significant change.  

Think about it like a game of tug of war with a rope, what if you just set down your rope?

Amazing things begin to happen as we shift our attention to what we need for us – taking our attention off of what they need to do, a fresh, new dynamic can open in the relationship.

"I couldn't seem to get my co-parent to look at our challenges.  He refused therapy in our marriage & remains closed to the idea throughout our separation.  


The biggest shift in my life after working with Johanna ended up being the change in my relationship with the father of my children.

Just after a few sessions with Johanna, I've noticed we laugh & have real conversations, we are more relaxed with each other. This is *dramatically* different than before.


And I wonder, did he change? Did I change?


By improving my own boundaries, and the understanding our family imprints, it significantly improved my relationship with him & that has countless benefits for our children."   - Julia

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