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Private Sessions

Private & Couple Sessions

We can work together wherever it is you call home

FAQs & Session Information

Using Zoom or Phone as our tool to connect – we can create a ‘virtual clinic’ with our online connection allowing us to experience a session just as we would if we were in person.

Please Note: 48hrs cancelation is required as there is a waitlist of clients looking for an earlier appointment.

Pricing:  Initial sessions are 2hrs and the cost is $350-

Following sessions are 90 minutes and the cost is $300-


I can hear the language of your unconscious in your
complaints,struggles & life stressors.


This allows our work to go beyond the surface complaints to source the type of resolution that will last a lifetime.

Johanna Lynn expert in divorce, relationships, inherited family trauma and behavior. The family Imprint Institute
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“Johanna was a member of our integrative healthcare team for a number of years.  We referred our patients to her when we suspected that their chronic physical and mental symptoms were related to mental or emotional trauma or stress. 

I cannot say enough about her integrity, her professionalism, her approach and – most importantly – her ability to help our patients.  She is a highly skilled practitioner who brings great sensitivity and caring to her work.”


~ Dr. Nahas, Medical Director  The Seekers Centre for Integrative Medicine

"From the depths of my heart, I want to thank you for yesterday's incredible session.


I am absolutely grateful for the work that you did with me, to bring me to a place I've been trying to get to for 30 years."                    ~ Pam

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