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The Boomerang


The Big Reveal:  What is unresolved with your parents keeps repeating painful patterns in life situations. 

Here’s an example: If you’ve closed your heart to your authoritarian dad, you are likely to end up with a bully as a boss at work, no matter how many jobs you have to avoid this dynamic.

If you have a hard time maintaining your boundaries with your controlling mom, you end up dating controlling partners.

If a parent was aggressive when you were small, you might find yourself turning that aggression inward. Or, if a parent was emotionally distant, you might similarly distance yourself from connecting deeply with your own inner needs and feelings.

Your Essence:  Unresolved parental issues hold the key to unlocking your true potential.

What is unresolved with your parents doesn't define you but highlights areas ripe for growth. This journey begins with recognizing the patterns you wish to change and acknowledging your true self, beyond the shadows cast by the past.

Question: Reflecting on your past, can you identify a moment or pattern that feels like a repetition of something you’ve judged or found painful in one of your parents?

What you can’t or haven’t yet been able to heal with your parents, turns into your unconscious behaviors and the repetition of painful patterns. While these traits may be hidden, they significantly impact your life.

Ignoring a trait within yourself turns it into a shadow—a behavior that emerges without your awareness.

Insight: Ignoring parts of yourself creates an internal divide, generating repeated patterns and behaviors. Without acknowledging and integrating these denied traits:

  • You may attract partners or situations that mirror your unacknowledged aspects.

  • Painful patterns from the past may continue to resurface in different areas of your life - personally & professionally.

  • Authentic self-expression and fulfillment may feel out of reach.

Be Aware: What we push away in our parents often turns into shadow parts of ourselves, causing unintended life patterns. We may find ourselves living out painful re-runs of themes we know all too well from our family.


Recommendation: Acknowledge and integrate these traits with compassion, reducing their unconscious control over your life.

When noticing a trait you dislike, pause and explore its origin. Practice saying, "This is part of me, and I understand where it comes from. I can choose if it's something I bring into my life"

Silver Lining: By embracing all aspects of yourself, including the denied ones, you can break free from unconscious patterns and live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Personal Action Plan:

Acknowledgment: Connecting any traits or behaviors you can now see as repetitive patterns continuing on from a parent that now express in you. Acknowledging them is the first step toward change.

Compassionate Integration: Approach these aspects with compassion. They are parts of you that, once understood and integrated, can lead to profound personal growth and wisdom.

Seek Connection: Open yourself to connections that support your journey. Whether through therapy, support groups, or meaningful personal relationships, remember that you don’t have to do this alone.


Practice Self-Love: Each step on this path is a testament to your strength and willingness to grow. Be gentle with yourself and celebrate the small victories.

Taking this quiz is a brave step towards uncovering the deeper layers of your being and initiating a transformative journey of self-discovery.

Embracing your whole self is a courageous act of self-love. Trust in your journey of
self-discovery and growth.

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