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Couple at Beach
Couple at Beach

Your Relationships Leaves Clues Worksheet

Find a quiet moment for just you & this worksheet.

Print off the worksheet to fill it in as we move through each step together.


In this video, I'll walk you through each step of the worksheet

Be sure to download the worksheet above so that you can follow along with the video.


Over the years of sharing this exercise with clients, I've noticed that it works best using adjectives, choose descriptive words for your partner or for the stuck points in your relationship.

The unresolved hurts
with your parents
end up being recycled
in your love relationships

problems with mom become marriage problems.png
Diagram for Worksheet.png

Here’s the truth: what’s unresolved with our Mom & Dad finds its way to play out again in our loving relationships. 


Once you identify the common elements between these three lists to bring awareness to your experiences, you'll pave the way for lasting change in your relationships.

The intention of this worksheet is to support you in shining light on what these painful patterns reveal because that is where long term change can be created for healthier love relationships. 


Supporting you to make informed decisions about the future of your relationship with more clarity to what the challenges in the relationship are truly connected to.

People who see the connections between the 3 lists describe it as light bulb moment & find it much easier to make informed decisions about their relationships by understanding the root of challenges.


A little bit like seeing old frustrations & stuck points in a new light. 



It's well worth your investment of time to reflect on how these patterns connect & uncover what prevents you from having the closeness you desire in your loving relationships.


Sometimes the way we express getting our needs met connects to old hurts from our childhood or an unresolved relationship where old painful patterns are stuck on repeat. 


What if the aspects of your relationship that you find the most difficult are your guide to uncovering hidden hurts that support you in understanding core aspects of yourself, ultimately leading to a more profound, connected love.

Curious about the results from this worksheet for your unique situation ?

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