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The Shapeshifter

The Big Reveal: You've gotten really good at changing yourself to fit what others want, just to keep things smooth sailing in your relationships. 

Sometimes, this means you end up hiding parts of who you really are, especially if you think those parts might be judged or criticized. 

There are times when you end up hiding parts of yourself you think others won't like, to avoid conflict or disappointment.

Your Essence: Mastering the art of adaptation

Question: If you listen carefully to your inner voice- does it sound something like - "How do I need to show up with this person so they won't get mad, judge me, or leave me?" 

You've become adept at changing yourself to fit the mold others expect, to the point where you end up pushing aside the real you. This inclination towards blurred boundaries can foster feelings of disconnection and insecurity.

You might notice that you have difficulty with setting boundaries, this can often be traced back to a childhood where you took on the message that to not do what others want you to do results in being left out - judged or completely rejected. 

Insight: Adapting to please others may result in concealing parts of your authentic self. Without honoring your boundaries and authenticity:

  • Authentic connections and relationships may feel out of reach.

  • Your genuine desires and needs may be overshadowed by the expectations of others.

  • Maintaining a sense of identity amidst constant adaptation can prove challenging


Be Aware: Adapting excessively to fit others’ expectations can lead to living a life that others think is best and at worst - losing your sense of self entirely.

Recommendation: Each day, make one small choice that is purely for you, unrelated to others’ needs or expectations.

Silver Lining: By recognizing and honoring your boundaries, you can pave the way for authentic connections and a deeper sense of self.

Your Personal Action Plan:

Practice Boundary Awareness: Tune into the sensations in your body when adapting to fit others' expectations


Identify Your True Desires: Reflect on what brings you joy and fulfillment outside of others' expectations. Or the guiding principle not to let others down.

Listen To Your Body: match up how you feel on the inside with how you express yourself on the outside. Boundaries let us explore our own energetic limits so that we can find ways that we are separate from the people we share our lives with. Then we can receive the best answer for us from within our body - outside of the expectations or needs of others.

Cultivate Authentic Connections: Seek out relationships where you can express yourself freely and be fully yourself.

I’m happy you dedicated time to this quiz, supporting you to embrace your authenticity is a powerful act of self-love. I encourage you to dive deeper into the exploration of boundaries and authenticity as you trust in your journey to reclaiming your true self.

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