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Love Fix Podcast

Updated: Apr 16

It was great to be a guest on The Love Fix podcast, with Sherry and Carla, they start the show talking about Khloe Kardashian and her continued relationship with Tristan Thompson, along with what we can take away from their patterns. My interview begins at the 10 min mark.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

Why did Johanna start the Family Imprint Institute? How does our family imprint on us and how can we pass down generational trauma? Johanna talks about why it’s so important to do the trauma work on both a physical and emotional level.  The ways that our subconscious influences us to pick out certain partners for relationships, and why we tend to repeat patterns.  The “click” we feel often has to do with what feels familiar in our family of origin. Sometimes you can be the first generation to stop a pattern that has been going on for decades.  The more emotions we keep inside, the harder it is on our whole body system.  What are integrative body psychotherapy and epigenetics? How can a couple deepen their relationship and intimacy through understanding generational trauma and their family tree?

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