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Discover the Hidden Meaning Behind Repetitive Arguments

Answers Revealed in Your First Session

Gain Expert Insights on your Relationship

Break the Cycle, Even if You've Been Stuck for Years

Any of this sound all too familiar ?

  • Longing for deeper connections but facing communication barriers

  • Frustrated with the same painful arguments

  • Stuck in the messy middle wondering if you should stay or go

  • Feeling trapped in a cycle of insecurity and self-doubt

  • Navigating co-parenting in difficult situations

  • Wrestling with financial stressors that seem never-ending

  • Stress of the relationship negatively impacting other areas of your life

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Explore the Hidden Reasons
Behind Your Relationship Challenges

Repetitive arguments are your relationship's roadmap. 

Discover where they lead in the 1st session.

As an epigenetics expert, this approach focuses on decoding your relationships.

It’s designed to get to the heart of what prevents us from having the closeness we all desire.

With this approach, you will understand what is really going on & take powerful steps to resolve it. 

You don't have to figure this out all on your own.

Work with Me

Untangle what’s been ‘wrong’ & connect it to where the pattern stems from to truly understand what prevents you from having the closeness we all desire in our loving connections.

Divorce isn't just the end of a marriage; it's a profound life transition, requiring not only legal adjustments but deep emotional resilience. 

Before hiring an expensive divorce lawyer, understand what the conflict really connects to so that you can resolve that, allowing the process of separation to be more amicable.

This training supports you to navigate the complexities of love, cultivate healthy boundaries & communication & repair relationship patterns – all with the added perspective of your family imprint.

Ready for Clarity in Your Relationship?

I get it...

I became a therapist and epigenetics expert for a reason.


During a tumultuous marriage that ended in a divorce, the deep pain I experienced had me seeking out ways to understand what happened. I was especially interested in exploring my part that contributed to the end of my marriage - to be sure I wouldn’t ever repeat that kind of pain again.

In doing that, I discovered just how much our family influences how we show up in love and also how we navigate separations. 


It was enlightening to learn from attachment sciences that we are only as needy in our relationships as our earliest unmet needs.


This helped me to make sense of the ups & downs in the relationship we lived in for almost a decade, how the co-dependency made it feel impossible to leave - yet the dysfunction was impossible to ignore.


The truth is we fall in love with the familiar.
Not what is on our list of dream traits in a partner or what we share with our friends we are looking for in a relationship.


Through my personal healing and over my years of training specializing in supporting couples, I realized so many of our challenges weren't just about us. There were deeper patterns at play, handed down through generations. 

I was able to release so much hurt, blame and resentment when I realized that so much of what happened in our marriage wasn't all personal. There were greater influences behind both of us that shaped our relationship.


Now, as an epigenetics expert, I share what I've learned—not just from books, but from life—to help others break free from the unseen forces that shape our relationships.

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As Seen In ...

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What Clients Are Saying...

"As someone who is going through a complicated & intense separation, I cannot imagine how I could do it without the wise and gentle support of Johanna. She has played an invaluable role in understanding both my own reactions and those of my partner & in keeping me grounded as to what is important.

Circle Testimonial.png

She has given me the clarity & strength to navigate a difficult process and a fraught emotional landscape.


Johanna also worked with both my partner & I individually, which has been incredibly useful in breaking through the drama & moving us towards clear agreements that honor the relationship we had, & most importantly our children.

I am so grateful to Johanna for being there for both of us & building up the skills & understanding that we need to move forward successfully.


She brings her years of experience, her incredible knowledge base & her deep & wonderful compassion to every session.                                                                                ~Lindsay

“Navigating through a period of intense relationship distress was one of the hardest times in our lives. We were on the brink of separation and felt completely lost. Johanna’s support was nothing short of transformative.

circle testimonial [couple].png

We began to understand our own emotions & each other’s perspectives in a way we never had before. She helped us break through the noise of our conflicts & focus on what truly mattered.

Her sessions gave us the tools & insights we needed to understand what our recurring challenges were truly connected to and repair the damage that had been done over years of conflict & avoidance

Today, we live with a closeness & connection that seemed impossible before working with Johanna. We are incredibly grateful for her genuine compassion & knowledge with rebuilding our relationship. I could honestly say, we’re now stronger than ever.                                                                                              ~ Alex & Taylor


Stop Repeating the Same Frustrations.

Uncover What's Really Straining Your Relationship. 

Unlock the hidden messages in your relationship and resolve underlying patterns.

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