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Couple exasperated about divorce

Discover the Hidden Meaning Behind Repetitive Arguments 

Answers Revealed in Your 1st Session

Break the Cycle, Even if You've Been Stuck for Years.

Any of this sound all too familiar ?

  • Longing for deeper connections but facing communication barriers

  • Frustrated with the same painful arguments

  • Stuck in the messy middle wondering if you should stay or go

  • Feeling trapped in a cycle of insecurity and self-doubt

  • Navigating co-parenting in difficult situations

  • Wrestling with financial stressors that seem never-ending

  • Stress of the relationship negatively impacting other areas of your life

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With this approach, you will understand what is really going on & take powerful steps to resolve it.
You don't have to figure this out all on your own.

Stop Repeating the Same Frustrations.

Uncover What's Really Straining Your Relationship. 

couple in conflict about money and possible divorce

Relationship Breakthrough

upset angry couple not communicating about money and problems

Divorce without Destruction

love money divorce therapy

Decode Your Money DNA

Should I Stay...

Or Should I Go?

A Quiz for The Messy Middle


Get Clarity Today

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"As someone who is going through a complicated & intense separation, I cannot imagine how I could do it without the wise and gentle support of Johanna.


She has played an invaluable role in understanding both my own reactions and those of my partner & in keeping me grounded as to what is important.

She has given me the clarity & strength to navigate a difficult process and a fraught emotional landscape.


Johanna also worked with both my partner & I individually, which has been incredibly useful in breaking through the drama & moving us towards clear agreements that honor the relationship we had, & most importantly our children.

I am so grateful to Johanna for being there for both of us & building up the skills & understanding that we need to move forward successfully.


She brings her years of experience, her incredible knowledge base & her deep & wonderful compassion to every session.                                                               ~Lindsay

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