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  • Johanna Lynn

Generations of Talent

I grew up with a father who adored Elvis Presley so much that my Mom had an artist friend stretch a stunning portrait that was proudly featured above our fireplace.

Our family vacation one summer was a long and HOT drive to Memphis Tennessee to visit Graceland. 

My Dad’s love of loud music and deep appreciation for talented musicians is something I share. I found my own artists to adore and lived my life with that shared love for music. 

I was amazed to find Riley Keough, granddaughter of Elvis Presley and daughter to Lisa Marie Presley, staring in Daisy Jones & The Six series in a role that mirrored her grandfather’s fame, drug addiction and pressures from the music industry.

With so much talent running through the Presley family with both Elvis and his only daughter Lisa Marie sharing their music with adoring fans, I was surprised to learn that this role was the first time Riley played the guitar or sang.

Leaving me to wonder if the tragically early deaths of her family members kept her from exploring music because it was also connected to such tragic loss. 

Riley’s Mom, Lisa Marie, died at the age of 54, 

her brother, Ben took his own life at the age of 27,

and her grandfather, Elvis, at the age of 42. 

All family members were swept up in drug use, fame and complications that severely compromised their health.

Her raw talent was easy to appreciate in her role as the lead singer, Daisy Jones and it seems she stepped right in to owning the stage in her performances, right along with her grandfather, Elvis.

It seems the research on epigenetics focuses on trauma and all that people overcome yet it's important to recognize that talent, musical gifts and flair can also be shared within families.

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