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  • Johanna Lynn

Navigating Mother's Day by Exploring Emotions & Memories

Mother's Day can be a day of joy, filled with warm memories and heartfelt appreciation. For some, it's a day laced with complex emotions, like resentment, hurt or anger. For others it's a day of grief due to loss or estrangement. 

What Does Mother’s Day Bring Up For You?

Our relationship with our mom is the foundation that we build all other relationships on, and unresolved issues can cast a lifelong long shadow.

What can complicate this relationship is that what’s unresolved with your Mom, finds its way to play itself out in your long term relationships.

We fall in love with the familiar. Even if that familiarity is rooted in dysfunction.

Attachment sciences teach us that we are only as needy in our relationships as our earliest unmet needs.

Our earliest experiences with love and conflict set a template for our future relationships.

If your mother was unreliable or inconsistent in her affection, you might find it incredibly difficult to be alone, which can lead to settling for relationships that don't meet your emotional needs fully.

You might find yourself in situations where you avoid conflict, end up doing most of the emotional heavy lifting in relationships, or even neglect your own needs altogether. And for some, this can translate into constantly seeking reassurance from others, mirroring the insecurities felt during childhood.

The family dynamic also shapes our perception of love.

Reflecting back, did Mom and Dad communicate openly and did you see healthy conflict resolution?

Or did arguments fester, leaving unspoken tensions, that even as a child you picked up on.

These patterns influence how we navigate conflict and express love in our adult relationships.

As Mother's Day gets closer, it's a time to reflect on the complexity of our relationships with our mom and the ripple effects it has on all aspects of our lives. 

Take a moment to sit with your thoughts, perhaps with pen and paper in hand, and explore the intricate layers of your very 1st love - your Mom.

Do you find it easy to trust your girlfriends? Or do you fear they are talking about you behind your back?

Do you find it hard to say no to those close to you? That if you don't do what is expected, they may leave the relationship altogether?

Do you commonly feel you give more than you receive ? Do you feel secure in your love relationships ?

Understanding how these patterns shape our ability to receive and trust love is the first step toward breaking free from unhealthy cycles and nurturing deeper, more meaningful connections. 

May this Mother's Day offer a moment of reflection and insight, guiding you toward a greater sense of trust and fulfillment in all your relationships.

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