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  • Johanna Lynn

Releasing the Grip of Stress-Activated Genetics

The foundation of your business has been built yet we all know that the sands are shifting. 

The economic conditions we're all operating in keep fluctuating. Like many business owners, some of the things you used to do aren't brining in the same results. 

Are there days when the ever changing landscape leaves you feeling completely lost, like you're wandering through a maze without a map? 

Here's something to consider: our responses to these economic ups and downs aren't just shaped by what's happening now. They're also deeply influenced by the echoes of our family history. It's like having a hidden script in our DNA that affects how we deal with stress and make decisions.

Stress-Activated Genetics is what we’ve all inherited from our family's experiences, and it can seriously cloud our ability to see clearly and move forward with confidence when stressed.

The good news is, once we recognize these hidden influences, we can start untangling them and taking back control of our choices.

Imagine having a roadmap that shines a light on why you react the way you do in certain situations. Understanding how your family's story shapes your own can be a game-changer.

Clear The Residue From Your Family Imprint 

By unraveling the threads of stress-activated genetics, you're not just breaking free from old patterns – you're living with clarity and understanding about yourself. You'll make decisions that truly reflect who you are and what you want, rather than being driven by fear or inherited stress.

Unraveling the ways your family's past experiences have shaped your own responses to stress and uncertainty - is not just an interesting psychological exercise. It's about freeing yourself to make choices that truly feel like your own, without all that inherited baggage weighing you down that isn't really yours to carry.

Understanding how our family's experiences shape our own responses to stress and decision-making can be a game-changer, enabling us to break free from old, fear-driven patterns and make choices that truly align with our authentic selves. 

Decode Your Money DNA: Break Free From Financial Worries

Are you ready to stop recycling money patterns and build a truly healthy relationship with money? 

I created the Decode Your Money DNA, with 3 live, deep-dive workshops, 2 hours each that are intentionally spaced 3 weeks apart to integrate the insights and implement profound shifts with your inner relationship with money.

Over our time together you will unravel the threads of your family imprint, its not just an intellectual exercise – it's an experiential process to empowering you to navigate the ever-changing business landscape with clarity, and confidence.

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