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  • Johanna Lynn

The Heart of Addiction

Updated: Apr 16

Addiction is often the end point of a life experience of difficulty, often with beginnings that originate in childhood.

Often when we hear the word – ADDICTION – right away we think about problems with drugs or alcohol.  Perhaps even gambling or smoking.  Sex-addictions or food addictions are spoken about more freely as more and more people come forward with their struggles. If you find yourself using one of the above strategies to manage your life there is a trusted approach to access freedom from the patterns, freedom from the pain. What may live within your family tree that may unconsciously guide toward addictive patterns?

Working with Releasing Inherited Family Patterns can shine light on the true origin of the stated problem with insights into deep inner resolution that continues to work within the individual long after the work is complete.

This experiential, three-dimensional, group process offers the ability to clear core emotions, that keep those same patterns in life recurring. These family patterns give us a deeper understanding as to why we respond to life the way we do.

The images we hold inside guide our lives, our choices, our relationships.  Often when we recall our childhood, we hold images that are not healing.   We may tell others or repeatedly remind ourselves of things like:

  • my childhood was difficult

  • my dad was cruel

  • not matter what I did, I could never please my mom

With this approach  we work to to show a new image of the family system, a new way to image one’s self and the family dynamics.

The new images that are created will generate new bodily sensations that offer a new reference point, instead of automatically returning to the old images, the automatic reactions or stories that live on in the body.

Once your inner image transforms, something outside of the patterned ways of being can emerge.  Once the constellation has been experienced, it may create an immediate shift in understanding as a result of the constellation or it may take some time for these very deeply ingrained patterns to be released.

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