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  • Johanna Lynn

What the Body Remembers

Updated: Apr 27

Let’s imagine a family situation where you or your client only gains the support needed when they are sick, struggling or overwhelmed.

Unconsciously they have learned that in order to get the most out of their attachment figures, appearing strained or unable to cope brings out the love and connection all children require to thrive. We don’t even think about this, it’s completely unconscious – this sense of “I don’t really expect anyone to be there for me, unless something is wrong”

Even when we’re in a different situation as an adult but the body response remains the same. We develop habits of response in our bodies. Unless we include implicit body memory we may see only  incremental  improvements in our clients and ourselves. What I’ve noticed is that when we don’t include what the body remembers, the best therapeutic interventions tend not to stick, long term.

Scientific research shows that the experiences of your family determine your behavior today and affect future generations.

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