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  • Johanna Lynn

Unexpected Gift Reveals The True Meaning of the Season

Updated: Apr 16

Christmas Morning arrives and our son has been looking forward to unwrapping the surprises under the tree. We’re excited to share with him what we picked out that we know he’ll be thrilled with.

Before we gather around the tree, we all hear what sounds like a baby kitty meowing somewhere outside, we each step outside to explore if this kitty is stuck up a tree or in distress. Turns out this little creature is starving, dirty and scared. Even more so when our pup comes bounding over to see what we’re doing.

As we watch our son’s eyes light up with compassion, we can’t help but reflect on the true essence of Christmas and what really matters in life. Our animal-loving son swoops in, picks up the kitty with the kind of gentleness you reserve for the most fragile things, and right then, we know this unexpected guest is the real star of our holiday. Forget the fancy gadgets and toys, we stumbled upon a little creature in need, and it instantly became the most precious gift of all.

Life’s most precious moments often come unannounced, this time wrapped in fur and meows. As we rustle up a bowl of food, fresh water, and a cozy box with a blanket—we can’t help but feel such gratitude at the unplanned detour our morning has taken.

As we reflect on the moment, his Dad & I start talking about this surprise and how it goes way beyond the festive season. Raising emotionally intelligent kids isn’t just about school grades and achievements; it’s about teaching them to care, to notice the world around them, and to respond with a big heart.

Our son’s face lights up not just because of the presents but because he’s found a way to make a difference. It’s a reminder that the best gifts don’t always come in shiny paper—they come in moments of connection, in acts of kindness that leave paw prints on our hearts.

Our son, with his natural love for animals, exemplified this beautifully as he cradled the hungry and frightened kitty in his arms. It was a poignant reminder that nurturing emotional intelligence involves fostering a sense of responsibility and care for others, whether they have two legs or four.

So, this Christmas, as we exchange gifts and share laughter, let’s also celebrate the unexpected moments that define the season—the moments that teach our kids that love, compassion, and a warm, fuzzy feeling inside are the real treasures of the season.

Meet Feliz. { from Feliz Navidad because she surprised us Christmas morning in our new country home in the mountains of Mexico }

As we continue to celebrate this festive season, let’s also take a moment to reflect on the true spirit of the season – not just to our loved ones but to the world around us. It’s these moments of kindness and connection that shape the fabric of our lives and leave an enduring imprint on the hearts of our children.

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