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  • Johanna Lynn

The Influence of Family Dynamics on Your Professional Life

Updated: Apr 16

Business problems are personal problems in disguise.

We rarely consider how family experiences disguise themselves in our professional lives. Yet unresolved dynamics with parents, grandparents, siblings and more have a way of hijacking work decisions and exacerbating business problems.

How Family Dynamics Disguise Themselves as Professional Challenges

Do you become defensive with authoritative bosses or micromanagers?

It could be the hurt inner child in you may be reacting to dynamics from memories stemming from a hypercritical parent.

Or perhaps an unreliable team member or demanding client connects to what you remember about early control issues connected to family chaos or responsibilities thrust on you too young.

Professional conflicts trigger those old wounds.

Similarly, relentless self-doubt can stem from internalized messages that you would never live up to family standards or expectations. Feelings of never being enough manifest as career indecisiveness and perfectionism tendencies.

Sometimes this is expressed as workaholism or relentless ambition can be an unconscious attempt to finally prove yourself to parents who withheld emotionally or physically.

The professional praise and status never adequately fills deeper voids leftover from childhood.

In essence, the same family wounds and unmet needs that shaped us personally also negatively impact business decisions and professional growth.

The skills required to resolve conflict, make important decisions, handle criticism calmly, and know one’s worth.

The origin of what pulls us off course needs compassionate care to heal, so we’re not coming from that wounded place in our professional lives.

Woman Elevated invites you into an intentional healing process providing clarity and the ability to metabolize any stored pain that keeps you from healing and moving forward from a place of choice.

Otherwise, dysfunctional patterns repeat themselves in this painful cycle.

Remember the business problems you might be facing are truly personal pain in disguise. Recognizing those root connections is the first step towards living with more freedom, inner peace, and trusting your next step in growth.

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