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  • Johanna Lynn

Boost Your Happiness by Exploring these 4 Things

Updated: Apr 16

Every November that familiar feeling used to creep in, the dread for the upcoming winter.

I didn’t want to spend my winters hibernating. Despite my efforts to embrace the season with activities like skiing, snowshoeing, skating, and hikes with hot chocolate, I just couldn’t get into it. Instead, I’d be dreaming of spring, waiting for the biting cold to go away.

Already in my mid-40’s, each returning winter was getting increasingly difficult. For years I struggled with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

I had many friends and colleagues who had moved to Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Bali, Nicaragua and I would dream about this kind of life change for my family.

To be honest, for years, it seemed like an unattainable dream. Yet, as I reflect, I can identify some crucial moments and mentors:

Mark Wolynn, my most influential teacher, known for his expertise in intergenerational traumas. Through years of studying with him, I experienced profound personal transformation, along with gaining two invaluable insights: a deep understanding of intergenerational influences and effective therapeutic methods.

Ellen Melko Moore demystified marketing and reminded me about the impact our frequency has on all the tasks connected to building online businesses.

Immersing myself in the wisdom of authors like Stuart Wilde, Joe Dispenza, and Karen Cheong, through their books and meditations, to remain committed, even when doubt would find its way in.

This was the support and guidance needed to finally leave winter behind and truly upgrade our lives. Along with giving my husband a well-deserved break from the exhausting corporate grind and fulfill the dream of location independence.

Following Your Dreams Has Many Benefits:

We’re now living in San Miguel de Allende, an artsy, mountain town, filled with creatives, healers and artists and I’ve found ‘my people’ I belong to a supportive women’s collective where we support each other’s businesses and learn from each other.

 We spend more time together as a family as life in Mexico is slower with more of a focus on celebrations, lingering over a shared meal with friends and family.

 We are traveling to all kinds of unique places within driving distance, like the Sierra Gorda, and seeing the Monarch Butterfly migration. Our Mexico City trips have been memorable, such a green, friendly city. We’ve got plans to explore Bacalar and Zihuatanejo this winter.

 We moved into a home tucked into nature, close to one of my favorite hiking trails in the region. With a deck to sit out and enjoy the mountains, sunsets and gaze at the moon.

 My international practice has continued to grow and the work I get to do with clients each day is so fulfilling.

Answering the call of our life path means facing the limitations and fears keeping us from taking the next step.

What beliefs or fears might be keeping you from a change you’d like to see in your life?

Here are 4 things to explore:

Explore Your True Self – beyond beliefs, perceptions, and any supposed limitations. What matters most to you in the life you’re creating?

Release Past Pain – Unpleasant experiences from the past can leave us wary of change. Carrying the burden of unresolved emotions into the future can make true change feel out of reach.

The Funk of the Familiar – staying within the familiar even if it’s not fulfilling due to the comfort of routine. Or feeling pressured to conform to societal or cultural norms, even if it’s not aligned with your desires.

Like-minded Synergy – you become like those you surround yourself with. Find mentors who’ve achieved what you want and build relationships with inspiring friends & community.

By the way, if you’re a coach or therapist who really wants to make a difference in others’ lives and feel like you are really getting to the heart of the matter to create real change for your clients, let’s have a conversation.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Mary Oliver

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